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Just to say, thank you for providing me Almond tree “Robijan” which fruited in the first year!
Adam Darr, Wembley Middlesex


Image of Tomato Gartenperle

Basket Tomatoes

Basket tomatoes are a fantastic space-saving option for growing smaller, sweet cherry-type tomato varieties. Trailing and tumbling tomatoes can often offer a longer cropping season, and can yield well even during cooler Summers.

Grow basket tomatoes from hanging baskets close to the house and enjoy tomatoes straight from the vine, or add fresh into salads at your pleasure! More...

Hanging basket tomatoes are quite the versatile tomato plant if you're keen to grow an abundance of sweet tomatoes at home. These plants usually produce smaller cherry-like tomatoes, with vines that prefer to tumble and trail, thus making them perfect for hanging baskets.

Hanging basket tomatoes can be grown both outdoors and under protection; if you wish to grow tomatoes outside, you will need to wait until the risk of frosts has passed, as the tender plants can be all too easily damaged by even a mild frost.

Generally, basket tomatoes are easy to grow - keep the compost watered regularly as soil in hanging baskets can dry out quickly, and frequently feed the plants with tomato fertiliser to keep the plant vital and healthy. Our hanging basket tomatoes, tumbling cherry and 'pearl' tomatoes won't require the side shoots removing, although some thinning can help to avoid excessive crowding.

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Tomato Seed 'Gartenperle'

Image of Tomato Gartenperle

Basket Tomato. Masses of cherry sized fruits are produced on this wonderful trailing variety. Suitable for protected and outdoor growing. Open pollinated heritage (heirloom) variety.
Available Now
Supplied as a packet of approximately 15 seeds.

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Image of Tomato Gartenperle

Tomato Seed 'Gartenperle'

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