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I've just read your little thing about being organic or not on your website and I'd like to congratulate you on being such a breath of fresh air! I'm a keen gardener and also a geneticist and I get so frustrated with the way people who know nothing about things confuse matters by using scientific terms incorrectly. "Organic" is a prime example of this, and it's wonderful that there are still people out there who will not jump on the PC bandwagon and are willing to stand up and put something honest out there for all to see! You cannot imagine how impressed I am with you, congratulations and a big heartfelt "thank you"!
Beth Gibson, Ickleton, Cambs.


Fuchsia Seeds

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Fuchsia Seed

sq wisley fuchsias 003

Grow and name your own fuchsias from seed. Great fun, and not as difficult as you might think! Open pollinated seed from our 6000 square feet Fuchsia House.
Available Now
Supplied as a packet of approx 18 seeds.

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sq wisley fuchsias 003

Fuchsia Seed

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