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Our Feedback

Following an attack of cellulitis around my ankle, I developed a painful leg ulcer that was slow to respond to conventional treatment. Then I read the article on your site about Aloe Vera, and promptly ordered a large plant, which arrived quickly in excellent condition. No, it was not an overnight cure, but perseverance over a number of weeks resulted in a completely healed ulcer, just as promised. To guard against reinfection, I rub a little juice on the vulnerable area each night. Also, I suffer from contact dermatitis, and find the juice is excellent for taking the itch out of a rash, and promoting healing. My heartfelt thanks for the information, and for the super plant which, potted on into a large container and standing by my kitchen patio door, grows bigger every day. I will be recommending Aloe Vera to all my family and friends - definitely a 'must have' plant.
Jill Lawson, Romford, Essex


Samphire Seed

Image of Samphire
Image of Samphire
Image of Samphire
Image of Samphire

Salicornia europaea

  • Easy to sow, grow, harvest and eat.
  • Will self seed every year.
  • Simply water with a saline solution that you can make at home.

Supplied as a packet of approximately 50 seeds.

This Product is Available Now.

GBP1 or more £2.50 each

An amazing plant that everyone should grow, and it's so easy.

Great accompaniment for fish dishes as it adds a 'salty sea' taste to the meal which is amazing.

Can sometimes be bought at your fishmonger, but by growing it yourself, your'll always have a good supply of samphire - you can even eat it raw (it's really tasty).

Also known as glasswort, sea asparagus and sea pickle, Marsh Samphire traditionally grows along the coast.

  • Sow Spring or early Summer.
  • Very lightly cover the seeds after sprinkling them onto the surface.
  • Grow it in a container on you windowsill or in the open ground.
  • Best watered with a saline solution (1 teaspoon of proper sea salt in a pint of water).
  • Prefers a light sandy soil (or well drained) and a sunny position.
  • Likes a warm sheltered position and protection from the worst of our Winters will ensure continuity from year to year.
  • Reach 2" - 3½" (6 - 8 cm) tall.
  • Samphire will re-seed itself so do not be too greedy later in the season otherwise it will not seed and re-grow next year.
  • Has a salty taste (surprise surprise!).

For full details on Samphire and it's medicinal benefits visit our Samphire Plant page.

This Product is Available Now.