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Hi to all! Just wanted to thank you for the lovely asparagus crowns (plus the extra one!) that arrived on Wednesday as requested. Thank you too for all the wonderful information about asparagus and also about the other things you sell. Will definitely be ordering from you again in the future! With my very best wishes
Roz Paterson, London


Radish Seed 'Spring, Summer & Autumn Blend'

Image of Radish
Image of Radish
Image of Radish
Image of Radish

Raphanus sativus sp.

  • One of our special seed blends that will give you a variety of different colours and shapes.
  • Will add both colour and piquancy to the salad bowl.

Supplied as a packet of approximately 800 seeds.

This Product is Available Now.

GBP1 or more £1.50 each

Again we have carefully blended more than a dozen different varieties of this popular variety of salad vegetable into one packet to give from a single sowing a variety of colours and shapes - and of course varying piquancy's.

Radishes are a quick and easy crop to grow - and perfect as a quick gap filler to pop in after you've cleared a row of this or that. In the height of Summer cropping can be under a month from sowing. Radishes are also perfect for inter-planting with slower growing crops - making sure you get something whilst the slower crop matures.

Don't forget that Radishes can be cooked and used in just the same way as Swedes or Turnips, and any over-Wintered radishes that run to seed can also provide a tasty dish or two - as both the stems and seed pods are edible.

  • Sow thinly in ½" (1 cm) deep drills in rows 10" (25 cm) apart.
  • Thin Summer and Autumn crops to 1" - 2" (2.5 - 5 cm) apart - or Winter crops to 6" (15 cm) apart.
  • Sow a few seeds weekly Spring and Summer for a succession of cropping through until the Autumn.
  • Top Tips
  • Radish enjoy a moist soil - but avoid over watering.
  • Harvest regularly and as soon as large enough - otherwise they can tend to bolt.
  • Flea beetles love young radish foliage. To avoid damage consider netting the crop with insect protection netting or spray with our BioFriend Plant Defence.
This Product is Available Now.