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Received, with thanks about 10 minutes ago! What a lovely specimen - we'll be back for more I'm sure, and will recommend you to our friends and family. Thanks once again.
Michelle Voutt, London


Seed Sprouting Kit

Image of Mung Bean
Image of Mung Bean
Image of Mung Bean
Image of Mung Bean
 Image of Alfalfa sprouting.
Image of Buckwheat

Alfalfa, Buckwheat, Fenugreek, Mungbeans & Watercress

  • Everything you need to grow nine separate seed sprout crops in your kitchen.
  • Grow your own Alfalfa, Buckwheat, Fenugreek and Mungbeans - as well as windowsill watercress.

Supplied as a kit including five generous packets of seed, two growing troughs, capillary matting, compost and black out polythene sleeve - nothing further to purchase and with full guidance.

This Product is Available Now.

GBP1 or more £13.00 each

Everything you need to grow nine separate crops in your kitchen of delicious, nutritious, vitamin rich and power packed food.

Sprouted Seeds are easy to grow with no mess or fuss. These can also prove fun and educational for children - and being so quick (7 days from sowing to harvest) a perfect for impatient junior gardeners.

Once sprouted, the seeds we supply are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and proteins - and contain active enzymes which speed up your digestive process leaving your body truly detoxified.

Separately packed you will receive, Mung Beans, Fenugreek, Alfalfa, Buckwheat and Perpetual Watercress along with two growing trays, capillary matting and a light excluding cover.

Talking about seed sprouts, Dr Gillian McKeith (Clinical Nutritionist) said, "Its like an energy injection". Your pick me up for health - certainly in the dull drab winter months. Did you know that half a tea cup of sprouted Alfalfa holds the vitamin C equivalent of 6 glasses of pure orange juice.

  • Each of the seeds for sprouting should be used individually, do not mix. You can only sprout one variety at a time.
  • Start say with Mung Beans (Alfalfa, Fenugreek and Buckwheat are treated identically).
  • Three quarters fill a large cup or a small basin with clean cold water and pour half a packet only of seeds into this to soak overnight ideally.
  • The following morning, thoroughly wet the black felt capillary matting and place in one trough.
  • Drain the water from your soaked seeds. Spread the seeds as evenly as possible over the capillary matting, use a teaspoon to ease this.
  • Then place the tray into the black polythene sleeve and turn the end over to exclude light.
  • Place in a warm place but not on top of a radiator. The ideal sprouting temperature is 60° - 75°F (15° - 24°C).
  • When seeds are well sprouted remove the black polythene sleeve and expose to direct light for a day.
  • Your sprouted seeds are now ready to eat.
  • Rinse before eating. Use in salads, lightly stir fry in vegetable oil, delicious, nutritious.
  • For the next seed sprouting variety repeat the process - but before each sprouting rinse the capillary matting in hot water (no detergent of any kind) and rinse out the container.
  • Window Sill Water Cress Production
  • Put half a cup of tap water into the separate leak proof plastic trough and tip in the small bag of dry growing media, spread out with a teaspoon, leave for a few hours to thoroughly moisten.
  • When the compost is nicely moist open the Watercress seed packet and place the seed therein in a teaspoon and gently tap this with your finger over the whole compost area. There is no need to cover the seed.
  • Place the container in a good natural daylight position, but not in a scorching hot sunny window.
  • Watercress grows well in lower temperatures around 60°F (15°C).
  • Turn trough around weekly for proper light balance and keep compost just moist. Watercress though grows naturally in water so if you over water no harm should arise.
  • The leaves even when very small taste as you would expect of watercress. Leaves will only turn yellow if light conditions are poor.
  • This watercress when spent (ie you can't pick it for ever) may be planted at the edge of a pond or bogy area in the garden, where it will regenerate.
This Product is Available Now.

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