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Dear Victoriana Nursery Many thanks for the superb plants which arrived safely on Friday just as arranged Very impressed at the quality and the service! Many thanks
Malcolm Ranson, Stockport


Strawbini Seed

Image of  Strawbini
Image of  Strawbini
Image of Strawbini
Image of Strawbini

Blitum capitatum, Chenepodium capitatum

  • Also known as the Beetberry or Strawberry Spinach.
  • Green foliage can be eaten as an alternative to Spinach.
  • Rich red fruits have a taste reminiscent of Strawberries.

Supplied as a packet of approximately 200 seeds.

This Product is Available Now.

GBP1 or more £3.60 each

This is a name we have chosen for a little known very old vegetable or is it a fruit? A native of North America it is also reputed that it was cultivated by German monks over 400 years ago.

You grow this and eat it as you would spinach, but the surprise is to come! Very tiny at first, then day by day growing bigger in each leaf joint or axil of the plant appears Strawberry coloured like fruit. Do not be too anxious to pick. Leave until they become dark crimson red, then pick. So sweet and delicious.

  • Sow thinly in " (1 cm) deep drillsin rows 18" (45 cm) apart.
  • Thin plants to 10" (25 cm) apart when large enough to handle.
  • Alternatively raise in seed trays and transplant May onwards.
  • Grows to around 2 feet (60 cm) tall.
  • Whilst usually grown as an annual it can overwinter if weather is not too severe as it is perennial in habit.
  • Whilst the leaves can be eaten raw, they should be eaten in moderation as they contain Oxalates - which are destroyed by cooking as you would Spinach (which also contains Oxalates).
This Product is Available Now.

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