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Thank you for the quick delivery of the order I placed. It arrived at 8.15 this morning. The two mulberry trees I ordered are very healthy,strong looking trees.
Mrs K Bartman, Brandon, Suffolk


Sweetcorn Seed 'Seville'

Image of  Sweetcorn Seville
Image of  Sweetcorn Seville
Image of  Sweetcorn Seville
Image of  Sweetcorn Seville

Zea mays 'Seville'

  • Bred to withstand and perform well in colder temperatures.
  • Produces large cobs of golden yellow kernels that are juicy and sweet.
  • Perfect for Northern gardeners.
  • F1 Hybrid.

Supplied as a packet of approximately 40 seeds.

This Product is Available Now.

1 or more £2.95 GBP
each. Group & quantity discounts
RHS Award of Garden Merit

We first grew this variety in 2008 and were immediately able to recognise it strength and cold tolerance compared to other varieties - it just romped away! But a plant that grows well is of no use at all if the flavour is not good so when the Autumn came we were really pleased to discover that as flavour and texture goes this is 'up there' with any of its competitors.

Specifically developed to withstand lower temperatures (which is what conventional varieties can't put up with), 'Seville' produces a heavy crop (2 -3 cobs per plant) of excellent quality cobs. Average cob size is 6" - 8" (15 - 20 cm) long and always well filled with small juicy kernels.

The plants themselves are vigorous and robust making this a variety that is impossible to fault in any way - and due to its cold tolerance the perfect variety for more Northern and colder gardens.

If you are growing just one variety of Sweetcorn make sure it is 'Seville'!

This Product is Available Now.

1 = £2.95
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