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Hello, i visited your nursery earlier today, i have to tell you: i was seriously impressed, both with the friendly knowledgeable helpful Lady who was there serving me, and with the carload of plants i bought. I love my new cherry and apricot trees, my new blackberry bush and the amazing more than a tray load of olde worlde herbs i bought. I might not be able to visit often due to the 145 mile distance but i will certainly be back sometime. Thank You very Much. :) Colin
Colin Brittle ,


Cauliflower Plant 'Cut 'n' Come Again'

Image of Cauliflower Cc
Image of Cauliflower Cc
Image of Cauliflower Cc
Image of Cauliflower Cc

Brassica oleracea 'Nine Star Perennial'

  • An excellent multi-headed cauliflower.
  • Perennial in habit.
  • Each plant will produce approximately ten tennis ball sized heads per year with amazing flavour.

Supplied as compost block grown plants.

Available from approximately late March 2015

5 or more £1.30 GBP
each. Group & quantity discounts

A perennial cauliflower which produces approximately ten or more tennis ball sized custard yellow heads per year (one customer grew 39 heads on one plant in one year - is this a record?).

Excellent flavour and easy to grow year after year! Please note that these plants do get larger than ordinary cauliflower plants, the bigger the plants get the more cauliflowers it will produce!

Recommended by the RHS to be an excellent attractant and nectar source for bees and other beneficial insects if allowed to 'go over' and flower (so if you have room leave any plants in that have gone too far rather than pulling them out straight away).

  • Can be planted out any time of year unless the ground is frozen.
  • Frost hardy.
  • Plant 3 feet (90 cm) apart.
  • Prefer a rich soil.
  • Produce creamy yellow cauliflowers.
  • It is recommended that they are replaced after approximately five years.
  • Principle-cropping season is early Spring.
  • Excess cauliflowers can be frozen.
  • Leaves can be shredded and used in coleslaw or stir fried.
  • Can take up to 10 months before they produce fully rounded caulis - the 'sprouting' they produce meantime can of course be eaten!
  • Trim back the plant a little after cropping with shears to encourage new growth once they are getting huge! (i.e. cut off about 18" (45 cm) of foliage).
  • To suppress weed growth and to encourage good root growth mulch with good organic compost.

  • Top Tips
  • Protect from Pigeons - Pigeons love Brassicas (so do Partridges).
  • Do not overfeed winter crops as this makes them more susceptible to frost damage.
  • Take precautions against the dreaded Cabbage White Butterfly - inspect your crop regularly, spray with our BioFriend Plant Defence regularly or use a physical barrier such as insect netting.

Available from approximately late March 2015

Please note: This product is only available in multiples of 5

5 = £1.30
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10 = £1.15
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This product is subject to group discount if you are buying multiple products from the same pricing group. Other products in this group are...
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