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2009 received seeds etc by return with full instructions and more. first time use but not last time thank you
ron glazebrook, kings lynn


Website Design

Its testament to the quality of service of GoldHosts that we have stuck with them! The chance reading of their advert in our local Parish magazine brought about them helping us with our first website way back in 2001.

Since then things have changed just a little, and our simple five page website of then has evolved into over 1500 pages; without their help none of this would have been possible - and more importantly without their understanding and humour we wouldn't have been able to achieve the look, feel and functionality that we wanted.

When working with GoldHosts the answer is always, "yes its possible", which we know has caused more than one or two headaches over the years for them as plants are not a 'nice' and convenient thing to manage and sell - sometimes they don't grow quickly enough, sometimes its the wrong time of year to be sending them out, sometimes they just don't look good enough to send out. Stock control and availability for plants is a lot more complicated than it is for saucepans for instance!

Not only have GoldHosts been key to the design and look of our websites over the years they have also created the HTML and CSS code to make them fully working. Perhaps more importantly, in 2006 they created a completely bespoke 'back office' order processing and stock control system to run along our web site - and handle all those complicated oddities of selling plants!

To create the website you are looking at today, GoldHosts had sufficient forethought to recognise that with the progress in technology and improvements in the possibilities of the internet it was time to start afresh.

And so GoldHosts have built a completely new Content Management System (CMS) to make entering and updating information on our web site easy for us, as well as a completely new Order Processing System to allow us to handle your orders and enquiries as efficiently as possible.

All in all they have achieved our goal by giving us more time to grow our plants by not having to spend as much time in the office!

GoldHosts is a family run website design business which started in 1997 in the back room of a house with just one person; since then team has doubled in size to two and not only have they moved addresses but they've also moved upstairs and to a front room!

A website is an important piece of a company's strategy in business today, as more people to turn to the web to find the services and information they require. So if you would like to talk about how a professional website design could improve your business, contact GoldHosts, Website Designers on 01233 666263.