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Dear Team Just a quick line to thank you for the impressive service provided by your company. Delivery was prompt, goods not damaged (rare these days!), beautiful Roses and complete package/wrapping even better than I could possibly have imagined. People are so quick to complain these days but here is a compliment for a change. I will certainly be recommending your nursery & appreciate the effort taken.
Niki Atkins , Somerset


Bike & Flowers by Kat Whelan

Kat Whelan

We couldn't have achieved the look and feel of this web site without the help of our good friend Kat Whelan!

Quite a few years back we found Kat via her gardening blog, 'Shoestring Garden'. Admiring the title illustration, we dug a little deeper and discovered that in 'the real world' she was a very talented illustrator.

Loving what we had seen of her work, we asked if she would help us out with a logo design - and basically since then anything we have needed we've just asked Kat! And so over the past few years she has worked on all sorts of things for us from scarecrows to chillies to bees.

When we embarked on the re-design of the Victoriana web site (which you are looking at now) it was the easiest of decisions to ask Kat to be involved - and its fair to say that her initial illustration of the shopping trug has actually moulded the whole look and feel for the site.

Kat Whelan's DeskWhat we find so easy with Kat is that she is so in tune as to what is wanted, even if we are not quite sure ourselves - and so from the vaguest of briefs (as in one liners such as "we want something to go here sort of like") she has managed to produce some truly beautiful illustrations.

Its testament to her understanding that out of all the illustrations she has produced for this site the only alteration that we have requested was the addition of a bow tie to a rabbit!

Kat is a freelance Illustrator and Designer, working from her and her husband's little cottage tucked away up a quiet lane on the outskirts of the city of Bath. Since leaving university in 2002 she has worked for a variety of companies on many projects ranging from greeting cards through to children's books and soft toys. She also likes to produce her own designs which she sells through her online shop and craft fairs.

Kat - Gardening Instead of Drawing!Since buying their first house back in 2006 Kat and her husband have developed a love of gardening and in particular trying to grow as much of their own fruit and veg as they can. They've recently moved house again and so with Victoriana's help they are slowly making their little plot into something special!

If you would like to take a look at more of Kat's work - or get her involved in your project she can be found at: Kat Whelan.