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Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for the prompt delivery of the seeds that I ordered last week. I am impressed with the way you have dealt with my small order. I shall consult your website before I buy any more seeds and will extol your good name to my friends.
Russell Large, Woodbridge


Jerusalem Artichoke Tuber 'Fuseau'

Image of Jerusalem Artichoke Fuseau
Image of Jerusalem Artichoke Fuseau
Image of Jerusalem Artichoke Fuseau
Image of Jerusalem Artichoke Fuseau

Helianthus tuberosus 'Fuseau'

  • Non nobly and smooth skinned.
  • A Winter veg essential that is seeing a resurgence in popularity.
  • Very easy to grow and self regenerating.

Supplied as freshly dug and washed tubers.

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Pollinator Friendly

Thanks to 'celebrity' gardeners and chefs such as Carol Klein, Alys Fowler, Marc Diacono and Nigel Slater, this once little known and much underrated vegetable is now finding the favour it truly deserves.

Crushingly easy to grow and self perpetuating, these are an essential for hearty Winter dishes; simply slice and sauté, roast or use as a base for fantastic soups.

Jerusalem Artichokes are infamous for their after effects - and certainly do live up to their nickname of 'Fartichokes'! But don't let that put you off these lovely veg, and remember that incorporating the herb Winter Savory into your dishes will go a long way to alleviate this problem.

In the garden or allotment Jerusalem Artichokes can be used as a very successful wind break (or should that be that they actually absorb the wind, releasing it when eaten?) growing to around 6 - 8 feet (1.8 - 2.4 metres) tall. Closely related to the Sunflower, they are also extremely pretty when they flower late Summer.

The variety Fuseau is particularly useful for the kitchen as it is less nobly and smoother skinned, making it easier to clean and peel.

Recommended by the RHS to be an excellent attractant and nectar source for bees and other beneficial insects.

  • Plant out mid October - April.
  • Plant 4" - 5" (10 - 13 cm) deep, 18" (45 cm) apart, allowing 2 feet (75 cm) between rows.
  • Plant the tubers horizontally.
  • Harvest from late October onwards.
  • Always leave one or two tubers in the ground to grow back in the same area next year.
This Product is Available Now.

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Pollinator Friendly Plants
A detailed guide to the seeds and plants Victoriana Nurseries sell that will attract and provide a food source to bees and other beneficial pollinating insects.

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