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Black Turtle Beans

Phaseolus vulgaris

  • Very popular in Latin American dishes and a really meaty meat substitute!
  • A store cupboard essential!
  • Grow just as you would Dwarf French beans and then dry for later use.

Supplied as a packet of approximately 50 seeds

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Very closely related to Dwarf French Beans or Ground Beans, Black Turtle Beans have been grown in Latin America for over 7000 years and are more or  less a 'staple'; Frijoles Negros or Black Bean Burritos are possibly their most popular uses - we particularly like to make a version of refried beans with them which really emphasises their lovely rich flavour.

The dense and meaty flesh of these beans also make them perfect for as a meat substitute in vegetarian burgers or similar. But the versatility does not stop there, as the water they are boiled in before use takes on a rich purple-black colour making it a great base (both in flavour and colour) for soups and broths.

And as they're high in anthocyanins Black Turtle Beans have also been promoted as a 'Super Veg'.

You grow them as you would Dwarf French Beans, but instead of harvesting and eating fresh (you can) it is best to simply let the pods dry before shucking them to give you a crop of beans that will last a year or so - these are a store cupboard essential! Should you decide to harvest and eat as you would French Beans please note that they do not take on their full colour until they are dried.

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This Product is Available Now.

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