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Good King Henry Seed

Chenepodium bonus-henricus

  • Said to have been brought here by the Romans.
  • Forced young shoots can be used as an Asparagus alternative, young leaves as a Spinach alternative.

Supplied as a packet of approximately 120 seeds.

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To many people Good King Henry is classed as a weed; historically it was introduced to the UK by the Romans - who recognised its value as a vegetable.

In some parts of the Country it is known as Lincolnshire Spinach or Mercury.

Perennial in habit, the young leaves can be used in exactly the same way as perpetual spinach whilst the juvenile flower buds can be sautéed in butter. But for a real gourmet delight the young shoots can be forced in the spring to produce an Asparagus alternative.


This Product is Available Now.

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