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Gooseberry Bush Pax

Ribes uva-crispa 'Pax'

  • Vigorous grower.
  • Virtually spineless.
  • Large, sweet fruit.

Supplied as a pot grown plant approximately 12" - 18" (30 - 45 cm) tall including pot.

Available from - SOLD OUT UNTIL NEXT YEAR - 2025

GBP1 or more £14.95 each

Currently Not Available to Buy


This virtually thornless gooseberry bush makes picking the fruit so much more fun! It is also a vigorous growerThis variety is thought to be a cross between Whinham's Industry and spineless variety from Canada in 1979 by Dr Elizabeth Keep. Please note that the young plants are still prickly, but they grow out of this as they get older!

The large, delicious, deep red fruits are great for making pies with or for eating straight from the bush as they are sweeter than the more traditional varieties.


Product Not Currently Available.

How To...

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