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My order placed on the 3rd January arrived promptly today 8th January. The Almond and Plum trees look fantastic quality thank you. I am very impressed with how carefully they were wrapped so every branch and bud undamaged. Thank you for an excellent service.
Jane Harrison, Epsom



February - And Flat Out!

After a wet, grotty and dreary January we're finally getting some decent cold weather! We'd be happy not to see the snow that's come with it, but if it means we get a few good weeks of cold we'll put up with it - better still if means we can Winter over and out the way and have an early Spring!

For us, the grotty January wasn't the end of the world as we were able to 'fill our time' with getting on with our potting, so we're well ahead with containerising our fruit trees and grape vines for Summer sales - so in some ways we feel like we are ahead! But then, as we start looking at our sowing schedules for the weeks ahead, that feeling soon fades...

We are flat out, the prop beds are all but full up and by next week we'll be struggling for heated and lit prop space - despite the fact we've increased the total area by a third this year!

So February really is a busy busy month for us all - so we better stop writing this and go and get on! But on a final point, if you're a 'Twitter person' be sure to follow all our antics at the nursery on Twitter at @Victoriana_NG for daily updates and general banter tweeted with a grin.

Happy Gardening!

The Shirley Family and all The Team at Victoriana


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