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Mexicana Gazania

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  • A real sun-lover!
  • Large daisy-like flowers in a stunningly vivid range of colours.
  • Rich green foliage.
  • Perfect for tubs and containers or 'blanket' planting.
  • A frost-tender perennial.

Supplied as compost block-grown plants (supplied in mixed colours only).

This Product is Available Now.

5 or more £1.45GBP each. Group & quantity discounts

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This half hardy perennial will give an outstanding display in any warm sunny position. Large daisy like flowers in really quite stunning colours will just keep on coming all summer long. Some blooms even have a rich green zone or band leading to their other name 'Fire Emeralds'.

Once established these love the baking warmth and sun - and have excellent drought tolerance. Use as a ground cover or carpet bedding plant - or plant singly in tubs and containers as feature plants.


This Product is Available Now.

Please note: This product is only available in multiples of 5

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