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Pea Plant 'Victorian Colossal Climbing'

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Pisum sativum 'Alderman'

  • Will climb (with a little help) to 8 ft (2.4m) high.
  • Delicious and easy to grow.
  • Amazing crop.

Supplied as compost block-grown plants.

Available from - SOLD OUT UNTIL NEXT YEAR - 2025

5 or more £0.80GBP each. Group & quantity discounts

Currently Not Available to Buy
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No other pea will do once you've grown these. The best-flavoured pea of them all, and so many of them. Try them – you won't regret it!

Their flavour is sublime –deliciously sweet. The peas themselves are large, plump and juicy, and the yield can literally be massive. But the real benefit is the extended cropping period. From sowing you can expect to pick your first peas in about 2 months –and picking can continue for a month or more. Though described as a Maincrop variety, here on the nursery we sow and grow an early crop under glass, then follow this up with an early planting outside started under protection, and then a direct sown crop outside –which gives us peas all summer long!

No pea gives a better performance –not a bad accolade for a variety that's been around since the 1890s!


Product Not Currently Available.

How To...

How To Sow & Grow Peas
Detailed advice on sowing and growing peas outside and under protection. Includes information on watering and pest control.


Pea Soup Recipe
A great late summer soup to use up any gluts of peas you may have. Freezes very well.

General Information

A Little Information About Our Vegetable Plants (Video)
Information on the vegetable plants that Victoriana grows and how we make sure they are always hardened off before dispatch.

What's A Compost Block Grown Plant?
Information on the size of the compost blocks that Victoriana grow their plants in - and what you can expect to receive.

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