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Seed and Cuttings Compost

  • Freshly mixed compost to give your seeds and cuttings the best start in life.
  • Mixed here on the nursery to our own formula in small batches.

Supplied as one litre of freshly mixed compost.

This Product is Available Now.

5 or more £0.60GBP each. Group & quantity discounts


We mix our compost as it is required which ensures it is never more than a week old and so is never 'stale' - unlike composts that are purchased in bulk by garden centres at the beginning of the year and then sit outside in the rain and sun (as soon as the compost is mixed the nutrients added come into contact with moisture and so start to release - and after a few months can either make the compost very rich or leach away to nothing so fresh compost is of great importance).

All our composts are blended from peat (a waste product of the peat fired power stations) and vermiculite - mixed in an Adelphi paddle mixer thus ensuring that the structure of the ingredients are not destroyed, which results in a compost that is both moisture retentive but also free draining with good aeration. Should the compost be accidentally over-watered it will soon drain to reasonable moisture levels; similarly if it is allowed to dry out it will be found to be easy to 'wet up'.

With regard to nutrients, all our composts contain a combination of lime (for pH correction), organic base fertilisers and organic slow release fertiliser. We do not incorporate any compost insecticides or similar.


This Product is Available Now.

Please note: This product is only available in multiples of 5

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This product is subject to group discount if you are buying multiple products from the same pricing group. Other products in this group are...
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