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Sweet William Seed 'Messenger' Mixed

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Dianthus barbatus 'Messenger Group' Mixed

  • Hardy biennial.
  • Used in Catherine Middleton's bridal bouquet!

Supplied as a packet of approximately 150 seeds.

This Product is Available Now.

1 or more £2.50GBP each. Group & quantity discounts

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This once very popular cut flower produces stems 24" (60 cm) or more in length, with bright and varied coloured blooms, many with a contrasting coloured eye.

Thought to have got its name to honour the 18th century Prince William, Duke of Cumberland and was used in Catherine Middleton's bridal bouquet in 2011 as a tribute to her bridegroom, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge!

It is also said to be named after Saint William of York or William the Conqueror, but no one really know how this plant got its lovely name!

Recommended by the RHS to be an excellent attractant and nectar source for bees and other beneficial insects.


This Product is Available Now.

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