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Tuity Fruity

  • One Conference Pear.
  • One Red Haven Peach.
  • One Brown Turkey Fig.
  • Three trees all meaning love!
  • All self fertile varieties.

Supplied as a one peach tree, one pear tree, one fig tree.

Available from APPROXIMATELY late November / early December

GBP1 or more £62.99 each

Currently Not Available to Buy


We have put this collection of fruit trees together with love in mind.  Each of these trees has a meaning of love and will remain a constant reminder to the receiver of you, whether it be when you plant them together, the blossom in the Spring, watering them in the Summer or pick the fruit late Summer / early Autumn, we therefore think this is the perfect gift.

Peach for love, exorcism, lonevity, wishes and fertility.
Pear for love and lust.
Fig for divination, love and fertility.

We've taken the hassle out of pollination, all three trees are self fertile, just remember that figs prefer to have their roots restricted (so are happy to grow in a pot or plant them in a pot or root restricting bag in the ground).   All trees are easy to grow, they just need to be watered!

If you want the guidance notes remember to ask for them at the checkout (otherwise you'll need to download them from the site).

From approximately November to April the pear and peach will be bare-root and the fig potted, the rest of the year all three trees will be potted.  Please note that trees are sent as you would expect them to appear depending on the time of year (so when they are dormant they won't have any leaves on them).


Product Not Currently Available.


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