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Wayfaring Tree Hedging

Viburnum lantana

  • Deciduous.
  • Pretty clusters of small, white bell shaped flowers.
  • Green/grey oval leaves.
  • Plant 18" apart.
  • Reaches 16 feet high (if you let it).

Supplied as a bare root plants pruned to approximately 2 feet (60 cm) tall including roots.

Available from APPROXIMATELY late November / early December

5 or more £3.60GBP each. Group & quantity discounts

Currently Not Available to Buy


Wayfaring Tree is often seen growing as a hedge. 

It has clusters of small white bell like flowers in late Spring, which turn to red then black berries it really is quite delicate in appearance and pretty. The green / grey leaves are oval with 'serrated' edges to them and are deciduous.

This hedging plant particularly likes a chalky soil but will grow in most soil types.

Birds like the berries, but they are poisonous to us, so this is one that you won't mind the birds getting to!

Also known as cotton tree, coven tree, lithy tree, mealy tree and twistwood.

Cultivation Guidance

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Product Not Currently Available.

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