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Basket Tomato Seeds For Protected Growing

Tomatoes thrive when grown under protection in a well-ventilated space, and our hanging-basket tomatoes are no exception.

All tomato seeds listed within this category produce plants that are well adapted to growing under protection and in baskets, a fantastic space-saving option for greenhouses, polytunnels, conservatories or even a modestly-sized porch (but don't forget about any water run-off from the baskets or you might end up in a mess!).

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Tomato Seed 'Gartenperle'

sq-tomato-gartenperle-001.jpg Basket Tomato. Masses of cherry-sized fruits are produced on this wonderful trailing variety. Suitable for protected and outdoor growing. Open pollinated heritage (heirloom) variety.
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Supplied as a packet of approximately 15 seeds.

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