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Climbing French Bean Plant 'Blue Lake'

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Phaseolus vulgaris 'Blue Lake'

  • A most delicious and reliable French Bean that defies any Summer drought and remain sugar sweet and tender.
  • Easy to grow and very long cropping.
  • Require support.

Supplied as compost block grown plants.

Available from - SOLD OUT UNTIL NEXT YEAR - 2025

5 or more £0.80GBP each. Group & quantity discounts

Currently Not Available to Buy
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A stringless, sweet variety of French Bean.

Grow against a trellis or bean poles or even up netting - perhaps interplant with climbing peas or runner beans. They can also be grown as part of the 'three sisters system' to maximise your yield from a small area (the bean plants, climb up the sweetcorn plants) should you wish.

We have found them to defy any Summer drought and remain sugar sweet and tender when cooked; eaten raw they make a tasty and crunchy addition to Summer salads. Great for growing under protection for an early crop.

Blue Lake is also perfect for freezing or drying and the pure white beans used as haricot beans! Very versatile!

An excellent variety to grow in cold greenhouse or polytunnel.


Product Not Currently Available.

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