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Goji Berry Plant

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Lycium barbarum

  • First introduced to the UK in the 1600's, so not quite the new superfruit that many believe they are!
  • Fresh fruit is gorgeously sweet.
  • Easy to grow and can even be used for hedging.
  • Will reach 8 - 10 feet (2.4 - 3 metres) tall by 5 feet (1.5 metres) wide.

Supplied as potted plant approximately 8" - 10" (20 - 25 cm) tall including pot

Available from APPROXIMATELY late April / early May

1 or more £8.95GBP each. Group & quantity discounts

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Whilst some may pretend Goji Berries are new to the UK and a secret to the Western world it is well documented that Goji's were first introduced to the UK in the 1600's. The name 'Goji' is fairly new and is based on the Chinese name 'Gou Qi Zi' - before this it has been known as The Chinese Wolfberry, The Matrimony Vine, The Chinese Boxthorn, The Red Medlar and even The Duke Of Argyll's Tea Tree. Surprisingly it is known to be a naturalised specie in the UK, being found in hedgerows in some parts of the Country.

What has only recently been brought to the attention of much the UK populace is the purported wonderfood status of this berry, and to this end below we detail below some of the truly miraculous medicinal benefits of the Goji Berry.

Forgetting all the health benefits of Goji's, they are a lovely fruit. Eat them fresh (shake them from the plant to prevent your hands oxidising them and making them go black), or dry them and eat them like sweets or add them to muesli to make your breakfasts power packed. You can even infuse them into a refreshing (and healthy) tea.

According to folklore, people living in the Himalayas who eat Goji Berries are reputed to live to between 120 and 150 years old! The famous Li Quing Yuen is said to have lived to over 250 years, and ate Goji berries on a daily basis. We cannot of course promise you such longentivity!

An ancient account of the wonderful Goji
Amazed at the magic of the Goji the merchant bowed to the lady with respect and asked, "may I be so bold as to ask what magical herb you posses?"
The lady replied, "this herb has five names. You want to take a different part of the herb each season...
In Spring you take its leaves, which are known as the Essence Of Heaven.
In Summer you take its flowers, which are known as the Longevity of Life.
In Autumn you take its fruits, which are known as the Chinese Wolfberry.
In Winter you take the bark of its root, which is known as the skin and bone of the Earth, or the Staff of the Almighty Creator.
Taking these four parts in the four Seasons respectively will give you life as lofty as Heaven and Earth."


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