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Grape Vine 'Merlot'

Vitis vinifera 'Merlot'

  • Wine Grape.
  • Purple-blue grapes have a soft, plummy flavour.
  • Recommended for protected growing only.
  • Self fertile.

Supplied as a containerised vine grafted on S04 rootstock approximately 2 feet (60 cm) tall including pot.

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1 or more £15.75GBP each. Group & quantity discounts


Often described as the second of the 'noble' claret varieties - which is strange as it is the main grape of such greats as St. Emilion and the mighty (and pricey) Château Pétrus. Originating from France it is now grown throughout the world, where its soft, plummy flavour has made it a favourite both as a varietal wine and for blending.

The tight bunches of blue-purple-black fruits produce a rich red juice that can be sweetened for drinking, or fermented to make fine red table wines.

Apart from in the warmest parts of the UK it is unlikely that the fruit will ripen fully before the onset of winter if grown outdoors, and so growing under protection is recommended.


This Product is Available Now.

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