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Kiwi 'Jenny'

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Actinidia deliciosa 'Jenny'

  • Hen egg sized fruits are produced in abundance.
  • Very vigorous climber.
  • Attractive stems and large green leaves.
  • Self Fertile.

Supplied as a pot grown plant approximately 1 - 2 feet (30 - 60 cm) tall including pot.

Available from APPROXIMATELY late November / early December

1 or more £15.95GBP each. Group & quantity discounts

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The most popular variety of Kiwi, and deservedly so! Self fertile in habit, 'Jenny' is a highly attractive and vigorous growing climber that has the added benefit of producing a lovely crop of Kiwis late September / October.

The fury brown skinned fruits are approximately the size of a hen egg and hang down from the vine in attractive clusters. Within, the green flesh is sweet and juicy and has a lovely texture.

Vigorous in habit, this is not a plant to consider growing in all but the largest of greenhouses - but there certainly is no reason why you could not lead a couple of trails in. What 'Jenny' really is perfect for, is for growing over a shade arbour as the large leaves will provide perfect cover and the cluster of fruits hanging down look just beautiful.

It is thought that if you eat two kiwis one hour before you go to bed, it will help you sleep! Sweet dreams!


Available from APPROXIMATELY late November / early December

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