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Saffron Crocus Corms

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Crocus sativus

Saffron is easier to grow than you might think and it will also look pretty in your garden every year.

  • Easy to grow.
  • Very pretty!
  • A cheap way of having saffron!

Supplied as corms.

Available from - SOLD OUT UNTIL NEXT YEAR - 2025

10 or more £1.00GBP each. Group & quantity discounts

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Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world (sold by weight) - what better reason for growing your own?

It is thought Saffron was probably introduced here by the Romans.

The beautiful purple-blue flowers of this crocus appear in the late summer (as opposed to our traditional spring-flowering crocus). Whilst you can enjoy the flowers for their beauty, what you are really after are the tiny stigmas within; carefully pick these and dry in the late summer sun (make sure they don't blow away) before storing. These tiny strands will impart the most gorgeous, almost delicately astringent, flavour to all manner of dishes - and of course give them that golden yellow hue.

So why is Saffron so expensive? Well, it can only be harvested by hand - and you'll only get three strands from each of the flowers. A novelty crop perhaps, but well worth making space for.

Recommended by the RHS to be an excellent attractant and nectar source for bees and other beneficial insects.

As with all alternative medicines and plants with purported medicinal benefits it is important to inform your health care providers that you are using them; this helps to ensure safe and coordinated care. We can accept no liability for any side effect or contingency from any allergy or any other cause or harm that may arise. If in doubt please do consult a medical practitioner before using.


Available from - SOLD OUT UNTIL NEXT YEAR - 2025

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