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Sweet Chestnut Trees

The Sweet Chestnut tree offers more than just an abundance of nuts for roasting in the autumn - the wood of the sweet chestnut tree is an excellent source of hard, durable timber, making it a practical addition to any those looking to live a bit more self-sufficiently!

Coppicing is relatively easy if you have the space, and the average Sweet Chestnut tree should ideally be kept at around 12 feet in height, so perhaps not a tree for those with limited space. Our sweet chestnut trees for sale are supplied as bare root trees in the dormant season and potted trees during the spring and summer.

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Sweet Chestnut Tree

sq-sweet-chestnut-003.jpg Produces clusters of good sized kernels from approximately its third year of planting. Can be maintained at approximately 12 feet (4 metres) tall. Self Sterile.
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Supplied as a containerised tree pruned to approximately 15" (40 cm) tall including pot.

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