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Tomato Plant Shirleys' Pixie

Solanum lycopersicum 'Pixie'

  • Bush Tomato.
  • Can be grown in the conventional way - or late planted for Winter cropping.
  • Dwarf in habit it produces heavy crops of medium sized fruit with an excellent flavour.
  • Can be grown inside or out (inside only for Autumn / Winter fruiting).

Supplied as compost block grown plants.

Available from - SOLD OUT UNTIL NEXT YEAR - 2025

1 or more £2.50GBP each. Group & quantity discounts

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One of the very best dwarf bush tomatoes for growth habit and being able to cope with shorter day length this is perfect for all year round growing.

Originally raised by W.A. Burpee in America and sold as 'Pixie' we have de-hybridised and stabilised this variety and so now call it 'Shirleys' Pixie'.

A mid Summer planting will produce Autumn crops of golf ball sized fruit on a bush plant around 2 - 3 feet (60 - 90 cm) tall.

But the real boon of this variety comes with plants started in August - October time (either from seed or cuttings) - as these will produce nice compact plants around 12" - 18" (30 - 45 cm) tall that will happily grow in a 3 litre pot on your windowsill and produce a crop of tomatoes that we would describe as 'oversized cherry tomatoes'.

For conventional Summer production this bush plant will grow to around 3 - 4 feet (90 - 120 cm) tall and produce a heavy crop of fruits just a bit larger than a golf ball.

Fruit should be picked like any tomato when fully ripe for the flavour of tomatoes of the 1920-1930's, so many of which have now been lost from cultivation.

Children love a story about the pixies that live under these plants and that's how it got it's name - never seen one but not to say it's not true!


Product Not Currently Available.

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