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Bilberry Plant

Vaccinium myrtillus

  • The next 'new' super fruit.
  • A popular fruit amongst foragers.
  • Closely related to the Blueberry though the fruits are smaller.
  • Self fertile.
  • Plants are naturally slow and low growing, so when supplied these stand just a few inches above the pot.

Supplied as a pot grown plant approximately 6" (15 cm) tall including pot.

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1 or more £8.95GBP each. Group & quantity discounts


Closely related to the Blueberry, Bilberries are slated to be the next 'new' super fruit as they contain greater concentrations of antioxidants and phytochemicals; but Bilberries are nothing new and in some parts of the UK have naturalised into hedgerows and scrubland where they go under a multitude of names including Whortleberries, Whinberries, Blaeberries and, in France, Myrtilles.

Growing up to around 18" (45 cm) in height, the Bilberry produces delicate white bell flowers that form into the familiar purple coloured berries in the Autumn.

The berries can be used fresh or dried and make the most wonderful pies, puddings and jam - which was a favourite with RAF bomber crew as they thought it improved their night vision.


This Product is Available Now.

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How To Plant & Grow Soft Fruit
Information on unpacking and planting bare root and pot grown soft fruits either in the open ground or in containers and pots, with additional information on specific varieties.

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