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Greater Sea Kale Plant

Crambe cordifolia

  • The 'ornamental' cousin of Sea Kale which is also edible!
  • Rich dark green leaves (up to 12" / 30 cm accross) are topped with hundreds of tiny tiny white flowers early Summer.
  • A real architectural statement plant!

Supplied as compost block grown plants.

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The 'ornamental' cousin of the traditional edible Sea Kale (Crambe maritima), Greater Seakale is in fact just as edible!

There is good reason Greater Sea Kale (sometimes known as Colewort or Giant Sea Kale) is grown as an ornamental - it is stunning and makes a wonderful architectural or accent plant. The distinctive dark green, heart shaped, leaves grow in a clump form creating a plant up to 6 feet (1.8 metres) and similar spread. Come June - July this is then topped with hundreds of tiny white flowers creating the effect of a cloud. Perfect for cut flower.

This is definitely a vegetable to grow somewhere it can be seen.

The blanched shoots, young flower heads and very young leaves can be eaten raw or the leaf midribs cooked and eaten like Asparagus; forced Sea Kale is also a real delicacy.

It is best if picked and eaten, rather than stored.


This Product is Available Now.

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