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The Country Wine Plant Collection

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  • A lovely collection of six different species of fruit plants suitable for making delicious homemade wines, cordials and liqueurs from.
  • Perfect for all homemade winemakers and home brewers.
  • All easy to grow and care for.
  • Includes 1 x Elderberry Bush, 1 x Damson Tree, 1 x Apple Tree, 1 x Blackberry, 3 x Raspberry Canes and 2 x Rhubarb Plants.
  • All are Self Fertile.
  • Makes an excellent gift - even for yourself!

Supplied as pot grown and / or bare root plants (subject to time of year).

Available from APPROXIMATELY late November / early December

GBP1 or more £85.75 each

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Perfect for all homemade wine makers and home brewers.

This collection of plants is specificially created for people who love to make Country wines. All varieties are self fertile and will grow easily in your garden. The plants will all offer colour and interest to your garden, whilst giving you the fruit to make your Country Wine (or even jam!)

Within this collection we have chosen varieties which we believe are easy to look after, produce a good yield of fruit and are easy to pick.

Happy wine making!


Please note that some of these plants are potted others are bare-root, depending on the time of year.


Available from APPROXIMATELY late November / early December

1 = £85.75
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