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Hi,received my three wineberry bushes today,excellent condition,very pleased with purchase and the anticipation of many pies to come,am just about to purchase more fruit and vegetables,thankyou
Debbie Whitton, Darwen


Chamomile Lawn

Image of chamaemelum nobile dwarf
Image of chamaemelum nobile dwarf
chamaemelum nobile dwarf

Chamaemelum nobile dwarf

  • A special seed grown strain of dwarf chamomile.
  • The rich green foliage is beautifully scented when crushed under foot.
  • Evergreen.
  • Ground Cover.

Supplied as compost block grown plants.

Available from approximately mid April 2015

5 or more £1.40 GBP
each. Group & quantity discounts

We offer a special seed grown strain of a very dwarf compact spreading form not to be confused with the taller growing herbal varieties of chamomile. Having said that, a light trim may be required four or five times a year especially should it flower. You may also find that lightly rolling or treading the lawn as it establishes helps the chamomile to spread and establish quicker.

Ideal for sunbathing on since as you turn you will bruise the plants and thus release a soothing tincture of their healing natural juices caution though, their medicinal vapours may send you into a soothing sleep!

  • Once established, thrives in hot sunny positions.
  • Thrives in a nutritious, well drained, soil.
  • Never plant in waterlogged situations.
  • Plant from April to early September.
  • Plant 6" x 6" (15 x 15 cm) apart - that's 36 plants per square metre to metric people (or you can divide up our chunky plug plants and grow on in small pots before planting out).
  • Trim regularly to keep the foliage of the plants juvenile and soft.
  • If the lawn does grow tall to the point of flowering, reduce the height over a period of several cuts allowing the plants to recover in between.
  • Not suitable for areas where dogs may foul as their mess will kill it where it falls!
  • Uses
  • Makes a strong yellow-brown dye.
  • Can be used as a companion plant for failing plants and can help revive them!
  • Use as a spray on seedlings to prevent damping off.
  • Use as a hand soak to soften skin.
  • Make into eye baths to reduce inflammation and fatigue shadows (or 'bags'!)
  • Can be used as a hair conditioner.
  • Make into tea.
  • Use in pot pourri and herb pillows.
  • Can be used to treat wounds and eczema.
  • Can be used in a bath to relieve sun or wind burn and bites. It will also help you relax.
  • Used as a facial steam and inhaled can ease colds, flus, throat infections and hayfever.
  • Deters flies and aphids.

As with all alternative medicines and plants with purported medicinal benefits it is important to inform your health care providers that you are using them; this helps to ensure safe and coordinated care. We can accept no liability for any side effect or contingency from any allergy or any other cause or harm that may arise. If in doubt please do consult a medical practitioner before using.
Avoid if pregnant or breast feeding, taking anti-coagulant medicines or have hyper sensitivity to compositae / asteraceae family.

Available from approximately mid April 2015

Please note: This product is only available in multiples of 5

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