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I have bought many blanket weed contol pond additives in the past and have become increasingly annoyed that none of them work. I used your victoriana product last week and was amazed to see a vast improvement overnight and now, just a few days later, the infestation has been cleared. Brilliant - I can highly reccomend it. Thanks
Pete Haskell, Droitwich


Mammoth Miscanthus

Image of miscanthus x giganteus
Image of miscanthus x giganteus
Image of miscanthus x giganteus
Image of miscanthus x giganteus
Image of miscanthus x giganteus

Miscanthus x giganteus

  • This magnificent screening plant forms a thick impenetrable barrier and an excellent wind break.
  • Very fast growing - but at the same time manageable.
  • Easy to grow.
  • Little maintenance.
  • Can reach 15 feet (4.5 metres) in 15 months.

Supplied as pot grown plants which have now died back for the Winter.

This Product is Available Now.

1 or more £4.25 GBP
each. Group & quantity discounts

This magnificent screening plant, similar to Bamboo in appearance, forms a thick impenetrable barrier and an excellent wind break that due to the flexibility of its growth actually filters or breaks up the wind unlike rigid physical barriers.

Within 15 months can be 15 feet (4.5 metres) in height!

Rich green Summer foliage is topped by beautiful arching sprays of silky russet pink flowers like a fine pampas grass - have no worry though, these won't seed themselves all over the place! Neither is it invasive like pampas or bamboo. In Winter the foliage takes on a russet gold colour. This really makes a splendid thick bushy screen.

  • Plant 2 feet (60 cm) apart.
  • Plant out all year round.
  • Ultimate height 15 feet (4.5 metres).
  • Can be kept trimmed to any height above 4 feet (1.2 metres).
  • Average annual growth rate in the first year 5-6 feet (1.5 - 1.8 metres), thereafter 10 feet + (3 metres).
  • Ultimate width 4 feet (1.2 metres). Can be trimmed to any width over 2 feet (60 cm).
  • Grows well in most soil types (including chalky and clay) except those prone to laying very wet.
  • Prefers moist conditions to extremely dry ones!
  • Suitable for most aspects from full sun to partial shade. Does not perform well in dense shade.
  • Suitable for coastal areas.
  • Performs well in windy positions.
  • Due to the reduced growing season, Mammoth Miscanthus will not achieve its full height in Scotland and Northern England.
  • We are not aware that this plant is poisonous.

Cultural Guidance

  • The plants we supply should be planted upon receipt. 
  • The ground must be free from weeds and other debris (the plants will thrive in virtually any soil where ordinary grass grows).
  • Care should be exercised when planting as some times the blade of the plant can cut.
  • Always handle by the lower stem and root section of the plant.
  • No bonemeal, fertiliser or any stimulant should be incorporated in the soil at planting time.
  • The soil should be evenly moist.
  • Should you require an extra dense screen, plant in a double row setting plants at staggered centres approximately 2 foot 6" (75 cm) apart. This will provide a barrier of about 5 - 6 feet (1.5 - 1.8 metres) wide.
  • Do not bury the crown, plant to the full depth it has been grown at.
  • Avoid planting or attempting to plant when the ground is frozen or parched dry with drought.
  • With Spring and Summer planting copious water is essential in hot dry periods when growth is rapid.
  • Once plants are obviously growing, (late Spring and Summer), extra rapid growth can be encouraged by the use of our product Instant Life used at the number 1 strength every ten days. 
  • Mammoth Miscanthus will lose its green lustre and appearance in Winter, it does not indicate the plant is dead.
  • Unlike other forms of screening it does not require pruning or any trimming, once well established you can thin out old thin canes and make use of these in the garden, always use gloves for thinning for your own protection.
This Product is Available Now.

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