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Hi all at Victoriana Nursery, I received my order of Autumn Treasure Raspberry canes today! Thank you they were well packaged and are lovely healthy looking plants. Since coming across your Nursery website I was very impressed with your knowledge and range of plants, also the instructive videos were excellent! I will certainly be recommending you to my friends. Best wishes,
Nicky Schofield, Helperby


Artichoke Plant 'Green Globe'

Image of  Artichoke Green Globe
Image of  Artichoke Green Globe
Image of Artichoke Green Globe
Image of Artichoke Green Globe
Image of Artichoke Green Globe

Cynara cardunculus (Scolymus Group) 'Vert Globe'

  • A reliable heritage variety of Globe Artichoke.
  • Produces fine quality globes that can be harvested small or large.
  • Perennial in habit.

Supplied as compost block grown plants.

Available from approximately late April 2015

1 or more £1.95 GBP
each. Group & quantity discounts
Pollinator Friendly

This reliable old heritage variety produces fine quality globes that can be harvested as baby artichokes or left to mature to full size.

The globes are of good size and are fairly firm.

Perennial in habit, these are a stunning architectural plant making them ideal for planting in the herbaceous border, and if you allow one or two globes to flower you will be in for a stunning show that the bees will love!

Recommended by the RHS to be an excellent attractant and nectar source for bees and other beneficial insects if allowed to 'go over' and flower (so if you have room leave any plants in that have gone too far rather than pulling them out straight away).

  • Prefer a well drained but moisture retentive soil and a full sun position.
  • Plant out late April onwards.
  • Set plants 3 feet x 3 feet apart (90 cm x 90 cm).
  • Keep weed free.
  • Water well in dry spells.
  • Remove Autumn die back and protect the crowns from frost with straw or similar.
  • Plants are best replaced every 3 - 5 years; to produce young plants from your old simply remove offsets (side shoots) in the Spring.
Available from approximately late April 2015

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