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Just to say I was looking for more info on growing tomatoes in my second year of owning a greenhouse and new (well very old and neglected garden). Your video part1 was so helpful and I am delighted to realize you are quite close and in planning the other re-planting of the garden will anticipate a visit very soon!! Thank you again
Fran Bryan, Winchelsea


Grape Vine 'Lakemont'

sq grape vine lakemont 001
sq grape vine lakemont 001

Vitis vinifera 'Lakemont'

  • Seedless Eating Grape.
  • Large bunches of medium sized golden yellow grapes have a gorgeous, almost honey, taste.
  • Suitable for outdoor and protected cropping.
  • Self Fertile.
  • Seedless.

Supplied as a bare root grafted vine approximately 12" - 18" (30 - 45 cm) tall including roots.

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An extremely heavy cropping seedless white grape. The medium sized fruits mature to a golden yellow colour and have a sweet, almost honey, flavour. Prolific and reliable in habit, the bunches of grapes are large and well shaped.

In Southern regions of the UK your grapes should be ready for harvest late September; for more Northerly gardeners we would recommend either choosing a particularly warm and well protected outdoor spot to grow - or grow under protection.

  • Originally from USA.
  • Parentage: 'Ontario' x 'Sultanina' (a sibling of 'Himrod')
  • Late-Season fruit ripening.
  • Winter wood ripening is good - so can be grown both outdoors or under protection (greenhouse, polytunnel or conservatory) - though to guarantee fruit ripening in more Northern areas we recommend protected growing.
  • Can be trained using either the cane replacement method or spur pruning.
  • Self fertile.
  • Fruit is seedless.

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How To Prune and Train a Grape Using The Guyot Method (Video)
An instructional video by Mark Diacono and his 'chum' Trent on how to prune a train grapes using the Guyot method.

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An article on the basics of growing grapes written by Paul Peacock that appeared in the June 2007 issue of Grow It! magazine.


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